Laptop Requirements

JPIIHS is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment. Students are required to bring their own laptop to school for use in class. This is considered just another school supply, so a functional laptop is required for every class, just like a textbook, pencil, or paper. Failure to meet this requirement is not considered an excuse for incomplete work and is subject to the same academic consequences as traditional work being missed.

We do our best to be as hardware agnostic as possible, but there are some classes that require the installation of specific software, so having a full MacBook or Windows laptop is required. Chromebooks, Android tablets, iPads, and other mobile devices may be used for certain tasks, but cannot be used for everything.

The Technology Department keeps a stock of Chromebooks to be used on a short-term temporary basis, but these will not suffice as a long term solution for students as they do not meet the permanent requirements of some classes.

Below are the laptop requirements for all new students at John Paul II High School. If you are a returning student, you may continue to use what you have, but we highly recommend meeting these requirements if you are purchasing a new laptop.

JPIIHS is also partnered with QHT, a local service provider, to sell Dynabook Laptops that meet all of the technology requirements.. These laptops come with a 4-year warranty and 4 years of accidental damage coverage that also covers liquid damage (significantly superior to AppleCare+). We can also service these laptops in-house.

Student Laptop Requirements